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Social Media is Ruining Your Life

I left Facebook nearly one year ago. Before I left, I published a status update notifying my friends of my impending departure. There were no tears. There was no fanfare. The only responses I received were from folks who weren't taking me seriously—heck I'd seen people leave Facebook dozens of times.

But I was determined.

I created an infographic. Albeit poorly executed in Omnigraffle, it is intended to demonstrate why I left Facebook—and why I think we should all leave Facebook.


I know people love to talk about the power of social media. They cite examples of people who's government has severely limited their access to information, sharing uncensored ideas via Twitter. They talk about a healthy discourse and exchange of ideas. They are even overjoyed when a lost-cat is reunited with its owner by the power of viral content.

I believe that being connected to the internet provides us access to facts and allows us to share of ideas—and that is generally a good thing. But, I do not believe that the majority content being shared within social networks is anywhere close to good, factual or an idea worthy of sharing.

Social media sucks compared to real-life discourse. If you don't agree, check out your local news station on Facebook and read through the comments at the bottom of any article.

And yes, being a blog post, this is completely hypocritical of me, but no one comes here to read this stuff anyway.


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